Since 1900

As we say in Italy, “Class is not water”…meaning that it’s very much harder to come by.  That’s why we at Casali Viticultori chose to make wine!

Wine is the most precious fruit of our mellow fertile lands, a splendid setting that inspired poets such as Matteo Boiardo and Ludovico Ariosto, steeped in history and still alive with echoes from the age of Mathilda of Canossa, nine hundred years ago.

Lands that form a miniature natural paradise, which is also the birthplace of other treasures from Emilia’s heritage of wines and foodstuffs like Parmigiano Reggiano, Reggio Emilia’s traditional balsamic vinegar, or hand-made cold meats.

Also among these treasures, our wines: Lambrusco, Spumante, the Bianchi Classici di Scandiano, the Reserves, the Malvasias. Full-bodied structures, richly perfumed, lively chromatic tones of colour. Direct and authentic. Warm and enfolding. Like only Emilian wines can be. Or else elegant and harmonious, fitting companions for the most sophisticated haute cuisine dishes.

No doubt about it: class is not water!