Our wines


We, the vine-growers of Casali, believe that wine must be genuine, credible and sincere. Our Lambrusco wines represent the quintessence of this belief, their roots lie deep in the history of the generations who came before us. These wines are easy and approachable, with a rural heart, and from the beginning of the 20th century they have been widely recognized at an international level. What’s more, our Lambrusco wines add a sparkling, authentic touch to a whole range of occasions. They make an excellent accompaniment for original and unique food combinations, so why not experiment at home.


We believe that the most authentic expression of the Spergola grape is achieved with the Classic Method, in which the re-fermentation takes place in bottle. A fine example of this is our Cà Besina, which we at Casali have been producing since the late 1970s, when the idea of producing Classic Method sparkling wine in Emilia seemed impossible. For our Spergola sparkling wines we also use the Charmat Method to produce our Villa Jano, which offers an intriguing bouquet of camomile and ripe hay, and our Rosa Casali, which has hints of mixed citrus fruits and strawberry that make way for a pleasantly fresh and savoury flavour.



We have always believed in the potential of the Spergola grape, a valuable, ancient native variety that reflects the Casali production philosophy, which loves its traditions but is also used to looking ahead, with constantly evolving ideas. This grape variety is used to produce a range of white wines that are straw yellow in colour, with soft green hues. These wines can be sweet or dry, semi-sparkling or fully sparkling, with a wide range of organoleptic features. These rather loose grape clusters, “spargoli” as we say, are an exclusive heritage of our territory, and represent an excellent opportunity for us to continue to present the Casali brand around the world.



Our Malvasia wines are produced exclusively with Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, a typical local grape variety used to make both sweet and dry wines, which have intense bouquets and range in colour from straw to deep straw yellow. These particularly pleasant wines are distinguished by a lightly bitter taste. They are ideal accompaniments for sweet pumpkin tortelli or sponge cake, which are often served in Emilia during holidays. Casali vinifies its Malvasia di Candia Aromatica at low temperatures, with the must remaining in contact with the grape skins to fully enhance the organoleptic properties of this wine.